Hey, There!
I’m Alex.

A long with all my hobbies I also make websites and do freelance IT for people around the Rhode Island/Mass Area. Usually its mainly WordPress websites since a deployment can be very low cost and efficient. WP installs are more of an investment in that they will need maintenance and updating down the line – a process usually done by the web site builder. This usually turns people away from WP because of having to pay someone to update your website every year or so. But the upside of WordPress is that its free and everything is always being updated by a huge community of designers/developers and its super easy to use if you have the desire to learn!

I was born and raised in Newport, RI and moved around a lot after high school but eventually ended up moving back in my early twenties and getting a job cooking. I did that for a while because cooking came natural since it was taught to me growing up but i knew that this wasn’t going to be my future. So i took a job as a press operator at a local print company. There I printed the menus for every well known restaurant in newport and learned how to use all the bindery equipment. There I learned how to be a Graphic Designer and moved into web development as a hobby and got my first job as a web designer in 2015 at home decor company. From here I moved up and along several companies doing a mix of IT and web, learning the industry and have been at Bank of America for almost 2 years now. I like it here and actually am enjoying the work and the people I work with.

Aside from work and stuff im just here to help humanity and try to stay sane and be healthy at the same time. Sounds like a lot of actual shit to do in practice but as they say – you only live once.

My Mission

“To show up every day – if not for myself then for someone else.”

It’s a Lifestyle